During the summer time but also throughout the year Scripture Union movements run camps for children, young people and families. The camps include a lot of fun: games, theatre, music, talent shows and craft works. But at the same time it is a great opportunity to meet God through the bible and prayer and also in discussion groups with the other campers. Many kids and teenagers come from disadvantaged social backgrounds and enjoy a first time holiday in a safe and caring environment. Without a great number of commited volunteers it would not be possible to organize these camps.

Serving poor and marginalized children

Many national movements of Scripture Union are working among poor and marginalized children and young people, for example in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Estonia or Latvia. Staff and volunteers organize programs for orphans, handicapped or deprived children or children from different ethnical backgrounds. They try to bring love, hope and fun to the children in need. Most of all our co-workers believe in the life transforming love of God. 

Bible reading resources

Scripture Union believes that it is possible to get to know God through the bible. Even children and young people are able to read and understand God´s word. But sometimes it is helpful to have a "guide" by our side who explains difficult words or helps to understand ancient customs. Someone who asks helpful questions. Someone who challenges us to apply the meaning of the bible text to everyday life.

Our printed or online bible reading resources want to help in this way. In some countries we have printed material for all age groups, in other countries mainly material for group reading, in some countries we are still in a developing phase. But our focus is on helping people into the bible in a thoughtful and at the same time practical way. 

One of our most successful International projects are the E100 program for adults and the Big Bible Challenge for children. These books are being translated into numerous languages.